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Love Quotes

♥ Love is all that i can give to you.

♥ When I look into your eyes all I can see is the chocolate that you bought me on Valentine's Day.

♥ When we are watching the movie of the night and you grasp my hand, I can feel the tingly feeling inside of me, and I know that you are the one.

♥ When someone tells me to spell LOVE, I spell your name.

♥ Your love to me is like a pony.

♥ When we kiss, your lips look and taste like moist brownies.

♥ You are the Ketchup of my hot dog.

♥ When I look at you too long, I just want to eat you.

♥ When I read to our child, the book Cat In The Hat, I want to buy a rat to compete our love.

♥ Love is like a bowl of jello, you will always charish its jiggleiness.



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